About international shipping

We resume an international shipping by "Airmail" because still SAL shipping is suspending.
However, still some countries has not accept Airmail items yet. so please confirm the following page whether your country accept the Airmail or not before ordering.
Service availability by country(Japan post)

How To Order


  1. Send us an International Postal Money Order Or, Use PayPal ("Buy now" button).
    (see Payment Methods for detail)
  2. And send your Name, Address, and Order via e-mail at: info@origamihouse.jp
  3. We ship the order as soon as we received your payment.
  • The shipping address must be written by regular Latin alphabet.
    There is a problems due to text cord using non-regular Latin alphabet and other language.
  • We are not able to accept any other type of money order, check, bank draft and Western Union.
  • If you wish to pay in USD or EUR. Please contact at : info@origamihouse.jp


Shipping method

We use "Surface Air Lifted ". It usually takes 2-3 weeks after the order is shipped.

Registered mail option

It has an unique number. so generally, it can be tracked online with a tracking number (depends of the country).
And, it fast and solvable if there is accident while delivering.

  • If you will not receive your order and/or our response in 6 weeks. let us know.
  • If your address is Japan, shipping fee is different. Please contact us.
  • Ordinary SAL shipping is not traceable. We will not be held responsible if package is lost once shipped by the post office without being registered.

Payment Methods

We accept International Postal Money Order, and PayPal(JPY)

If you are not able to use IPMO or Paypal, please contact us at: info@origamihouse.jp

International Postal Money Order (IPMO)

IPMO is a service provided by the post office.
Visit your post office, and tell them you'd like to have your payment remitted to Japan by IPMO. and make your IPMO payable to:

Origami house
#216, 1-33-8, Hakusan,
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo,
113-0001 JAPAN

  • If possible, get your order printed on your IPMO so that we can easily identify it to be your payment.
  • In some countries, the post offices may refer to IPMO by different names. Please ask to your post office for detail.
  • If you cannot send JPY amount. Please ask to your post office that which currency is available. And contact us for the rate.
  • We recommend to use registered mail. or courier that requires signature of recipient upon delivery.
  • If you wish to pay in USD or EUR. Please contact at : info@origamihouse.jp


We start to use Paypal.
For now, please use "Buy now" button. then login your PayPal account.
and do not send the money to mail address directly.

  • For using Paypal payment. the price is in JPY (PayPal price).
  • The price in USD and EUR is for other methods (International Postal Money Order and Cash).
  • This price is including cost of the book, shipping cost and handling fee.
PayPal - https://www.paypal.com/

Country information

  • If your countries not on this list, Ask to your post office about IPMO, or contact us.
  International Postal Money Order (IPMO) Paypal
ARGENTINA Available Available  
AUSTRALIA Not available Available We DO NOT accept Western Union issued by post office.
AUSTRIA Available Available  
BELGIUM Available Available  
BRAZIL Available Available  
CANADA Not available Available  
CHINA Available Available Hong Kong post office calls it "Ordinary international money order"
COLOMBIA Not available Available  
FRANCE Available Available "Mandat ordinaire international"
GERMANY Available Available  
GREECE Not available Available  
HONG KONG available Available  
HOLLAND Not available Available  
INDIA Not available Available  
ISRAEL Available Available  
ITALY Available Available  
KOREA Available Available  
MALAYSIA Available Available Malaysia post office calls it "International Money Order"
MEXICO Not available Available  
NEW ZEALAND Not available Available  
PHILIPPINES Available Available  
POLAND Available Available Need to send GBP. Contact us for the rate.
PORTUGAL Available Available  
RUSSIA Not available Available  
SINGAPORE Available Available Singapore post office calls it "Foreign Money Order".
Need to send JPY. Contact us for the rate.
SPAIN Available Available  
SWITZERLAND Available Available "PostCash international" works same as IPMO
TAIWAN Available Available  
THAILAND Available Available  
UNITED KINGDOM Not available Available  
UNITED STATES Available Available The post office will give you an IPMO check physically. and you need to mail it to us.
VIETNAM Available Available