Tansei na Origami (The Beauty of Origami)
Diagams : 50 models by origami creators of all over the world.

 Author:Yamaguchi Makoto
 Publisher:Natsumesha Co.,LTD. (18th June 2015)
 Language : Japanese
 Size:184 X 234mm / Page : 268


*You can get autograph by Yamaguchi Makoto if you hope. Please contact us when you order.

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    Chapter 1 : Prehistoric Animals

    ◯ Triceratops by Yamaguchi makoto
    Tyrannosaurus by Yamaguchi Makoto
    Pteranodon by Yamaguchi Makoto
    Mammoth by Yamaguchi Makoto
    Archaeopteryx by Yamaguchi Makoto

    Chapter 2 : Insects

    ◯ Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle by Yamaguchi makoto
    Hercules Beetle by Yamaguchi makoto
    Stag Beetle by Yamaguchi makoto
    Makoto-cho by Michael G. LaFosse

    Chapter 3 : Birds

    ◯ Macaw by Yamaguchi makoto
    Toucan by Yamaguchi makoto
    Cardinal by Roman Diaz
    Swan by Tsuda Yoshio
    Emperor Penguin by Quentin Trollip

    Chapter 4 : Aquastic life

    ◯ Fish Skeleton by Yamaguchi Makoto
    Spiral Shell by Kawasaki Toshikazu
    Yellowtail (Farmed) by Katsuta Kyohei
    Dolphin by Kawahata Fumiaki

    Chapter 5 : Small Animals

    ◯  ◯
    Mouse by Yamaguchi Makoto
    Boxlike Cat by Yamaguchi Makoto
    Rabbit by Ronald Koh
    Papillon by Komatsu Hideo

    Chapter 6 : Large Animals

    ◯  ◯  ◯
    Giant Panda by Yamaguchi Makoto
    Leopard by Yamaguchi Makoto
    Lion by David Brill
    Horse by David Brill
    Hippo by Robert J Lang
    Giraffe by Hagiwara Gen
    African Elephant by Miyamoto Chuya

    Chapter 7 : Fantasy Creatures

    ◯  ◯  ◯
    Griffin by Yamaguchi Makoto
    Cerberus by Yamaguchi Makoto
    Angry Fish by Bernie Peyton
    Rabbit in Wonderland by Matsuda Keigo
    Crane Humanoid by Sasade Shinji
    Tri-Horned Dragon by Miyamoto Chuya
    Northern Dragon by Hojyo Takashi
    Grim Reaper by Miyajima Noboru
    Pegasus by Kamiya Satoshi

    A la Carte

    ◯  ◯ 
    High Heels by Yamaguchi Makoto
    Geta by Tsuda Yoshio
    Makoto Rose by Yamaguchi Makoto
    Boots by Yamaguchi Makoto
    Book by Martin Wall
    Clown by Nishikawa Seiji
    Santa Claus Tetrahedron Box by Yamaguchi Makoto
    Akabeko the Red Bull by Yamaguchi Makoto
    Samurai Helmet by Yamaguchi Makoto
    Mt. Fuji by Yamanashi Akiko
    Key to Love by Francis Ow
    Nut and Bolt by David Brill